Samsung Launching People – #BeFearless How VR helps to conquer fears.
Samsung Launching People – #BeFearless


One in five people have a fear of public speaking and even one in four people have a fear of heights. Studies show that with constant practice, people can overcome their fears permanently.


We created the VR-program #BeFearless. In collaboration with doctors, we built apps to help people overcome two of the most common fears: fear of heigt and fear of public speaking.


The world’s first scientifically proven VR app holistically utilizes heart rate, eye contact and voice recognition for personal evaluation and feedback.


A clinical study at Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital proved the success: 87.8% of 82 participants saw benefits. People with fear of public speaking reduced their anxiety score by 18.7%, people with fear of heights even by 23.6%. The program is now being used in the hospital’s VR Clinic. Translated into 4 languages, the VR apps are a treatment option for people all over the world.