Play Case Video re:imagine Street ARt  by Samsung
Play Case Video re:imagine Street ARt  by Samsung

Your smartphone as key to an immersive art experience

re:imagine Street ARt


Endorsing Germany’s most important event of contemporary art, The Art Berlin – how can a tech brand like Samsung keep up with the biggest players of the scene?


Street Art interferes with its environment and teases the observer. We amplified these principles by extending the conceptual idea of the artworks through an additional layer in AR. Thus, changing the role of the viewer from a passive consumer to an active participant.


Five international artists unfolded their creativity in pop-up galleries, on walls and around monuments which were then enlarged through our AR-app. Each visitor went through a spectacular installation and shaped his unique experience by interacting through augmented reality. We created living murals all over Berlin and added playful layers to famous sightseeing spots – turning the city into a gallery.


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+500 % CPC Performance

The Installations

  • Natural Forces


  • A Discovery of Urban Mythology


  • A funnier Anthropocene

    Mario Mankey

  • Linear Reality

    Tape That

  • Rendez-vous


  • Oliban

    Uwe Henneken

The App

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This version of the app does not include the AR experience as the marker technology was bound to the art work. To see the AR visualization please watch our videos of each location above. The app runs on Android with Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, S8/S8+, Note8, A5 and A8+.

The Artists

  • Play Video Samsung Re:Imagine StreetARt - ELLE

    Artwork ELLE


  • Play Video Samsung Re:Imagine StreetARt - PichiAvo

    Artwork PichiAvo


  • Play Video Samsung Re:Imagine StreetARt - Mario Mankey

    Artwork Mario Mankey

    Mario Mankey

  • Play Video Samsung Re:Imagine StreetARt - Tape That

    Artwork Tape That

    Tape That

  • Play Video Samsung Re:Imagine StreetARt - Innerfields

    Artwork Innerfields


  • Samsung Re:Imagine StreetARt - Uwe Henneken

    Artwork Uwe Henneken

    Uwe Henneken